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Italia in a Blue Bikini

Where to being with this one? Do you like amazing curves on a hot, exotic body? How about smoky eyes on a beautiful, tanned face? If you also love sparkly blue bikinis, or pierced lips, then you need to check out these photos from Italia. She’s also got a few cute reverse tans for you, one of a heart and the other of a bunny. I just wish she would cut her hair so she couldn’t hide her tits with it. Oh well. The full set is over at


Jenna Sports Boy Shorts

As if Jenna lounging around on her bed, pouting those pierced lips wasn’t enough for you, she decided to do so in a cotton tank top and matching boy shorts. The curve of her hips is insane, and those tits are to die for. If this isn’t an official Calvin Klein ad, well dammit, it should be.

I just wish they showed more of her booty in these shots, but rest assured, she’s has other galleries over at

Ashley in a Sheer Pink Bikini

Oh Ashley, how I adore you. Your beautiful face, lovely breasts and amazing curves get me every time.

This time around, Ashley from AlluringVixens is sporting a sheer pink bikini. You can just make out the definition of her lovely nipples and the outline of her mound. She has an exotic look that I can’t get enough of, much like Brenne Benson. Click around those previews, and be sure to check out her full galleries at